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star rating  Lunch for One - I popped in for a light lunch and to do some work. As usually the food and service were first rate. Listening to the lovely quiet music, I ate my... read more

avatar thumb Mary D
February 1, 2024

star rating  Fabulous Food, and Servers Who Make you Feel Like Royalty. - My wife and I were staying at the Royal Palms (fantastic by the way) & The Ascots is part of this establishment.

Their Chef is Top Shelf, their... read more

avatar thumb X1638MAtomk
September 1, 2023

star rating  Fantastic spot for lunch in downtown Hamilton  - Fantastic lunch. Had the grilled chicken sandwich on brioche & a Tandori chicken wrap, both were A+.

avatar thumb Jennifer H
August 18, 2023

star rating  Terrific dinner - The dinner at Ascots was excellent and is a very competitive price point for a 3 course meal. I had the cod fishcakes, the ravioli, and the chocolate ganache cake.... read more

avatar thumb fcparma19
July 23, 2023

star rating  A 5-Star Epicurean Experience - Always a consistent favorite in Bermuda, we dined there twice during our vacation. The Old Victorian atmosphere is 'old' Bermuda with incredibly professional and personable staff. There are lounging rooms... read more

avatar thumb Janou J
July 19, 2023

star rating  Gastronomic delight - We were recommended to visit this restaurant by friends and they couldn’t have been more right. The service was engaging and impeccable. There is a prix fixe menu with many... read more

avatar thumb larryeel
July 5, 2023

star rating  Wonderful dinner - Delicious dinner (party of 11), and excellent service. We sat outside, and it was quiet and delightful. A special shout-out to those that went the extra mile to help us... read more

avatar thumb steve
July 4, 2023

star rating  Very nice dinner experience - Wonderful dinner experience, started with walking thru beautiful hotel. Owner/mgr team started us off with great drinks before dinner. The ambience was Bermuda classic, and easy to converse. Loved the... read more

avatar thumb Mike M
June 11, 2023

star rating  5 Star Anniversary Dinner - We were at Ascots 15 years ago on our wedding night and returned this year to celebrate our anniversary! Everything was absolutely wonderful. First the restaurant is stunning - surrounded... read more

avatar thumb Explorer514597
June 7, 2023

star rating  Fantastic celebration venue - Secured a reservation for a birthday celebration with friends.
I had heard (and it was true) that if I sent photos ahead of time the restaurant would make a... read more

avatar thumb CaliAdvice
April 17, 2023

star rating  Bally kast - We as family visited Ascots last week for my
Daughter’s 21st birthday dinner. We indeed
Enjoyed our food and service.

avatar thumb balajik473
March 14, 2023

star rating  Great dinner, wonderful service - We did not have a reservation - but highly recommend one during peak season. We were greeted in the bar area and escorted to a table. The room was already... read more

avatar thumb Sarah C
November 25, 2022

“Guest’s names have been omitted for privacy”

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the two recent events which we held at Ascots.

We thoroughly enjoyed both evenings. The food was great, the service excellent and despite the weather on the second evening, we found the setting to be perfect. We received tremendous feedback from our alumni and our clients. I would appreciate it if you could pass on my comments to your team.


I WOKE up in a terrible mood today. I always forget that the gardeners come -every other Friday. I was very rudely reminded of this at 6 a.m. this morning.
It never occurs to them that people may be sleeping and maybe they could do a little tranquil gardening for an hour or so. Why would they care? anyway because I am sure that they have been up for hours. But in my case that is the time of day when all the nice dreams start happening, however today it was when the night mare began. They always make a beeline for my bedroom windows as if they are drawn to them by some invisible, enormous magnet. Then they start with the electric hedge clip­pers, the lawn mower’ and anything else (that they can think of turning on, that has a huge content of sound decibels – my reverie is over!
Having accomplished their morning wake up call, they then disappear and I suppose to go and do some tranquil gardening somewhere else.

They have a very uncanny way of reappearing a couple of hours later. This usually happens just as I’m getting out of the shower or about to get dressed. They are quiet this time, just doing some gentle weeding under my window. I wonder why?

Then the phone goes, and no matter which phone I happen to be on, at least three lawn mowers rev up outside the window to completely deafen me and the’ unfortunate caller. This always sets me off to a very bad start and the day seemed to continue along that same vein – until tonight that is.
A .girlfriend had raved to me the other day about the wonderful dinner that she and her husband had had at Ascots. I hadn’t been to Ascots for years. In fact the last time that I had gone was to a large Christmas girls lunch. I can remember hating the lunch although I can’t remember why. I think maybe because I was put in a corner and not in the ‘hubbub of activity where I like to be! Whatever the reason I haven’t been back there since and hadn’t even thought about it until tonight.

I arranged to go with a couple of friends to check it out and hoped that this dining experience would bring me out of the funk that I was currently’ undergoing – something that a delicious glass of Sauvignon Blanc had not managed to achieve! I could tell right from the minute that we drove in, that I was going to be very happy. For those of you who don’t know Ascots, it is situated in an old Bermuda house on Rosemont Avenue. So you have the feeling of actually going into someone’s home to dine. The driveway and entrance are literally dripping with the most gorgeous plants, flowers, and shrubs, all of a tropical nature.

We were greeted by Angelo the manager, who showed us into the bar for a little aperitif and to browse through the extensive menu. While we were browsing he brought us an absolutely delicious platter of hors d’oeuvres which succeeded in titillating the palate.
They were served as crostini with such toppings as, lobster salad with sun dried tomatoes, tuna carpaccio with black olives and slivers of duck with arugula pesto. We really needed a good half hour looking at the menu, trying to make our minds up as to what we were going to have for dinner (when you go there you’ll see). The wonderful selection and combination of different ingredients with each dish really make choosing very difficult. Another case of wanting everything on the menu.

We must have changed our minds two or three times, as each time a waiter whisked past us to serve waiting diners, we decided that we liked the look of what they were having. I think that in the end, we chose extremely well.
Each dish is so elaborately described that I would use up all my allocated space for this column just telling you. So, I shall just give you the gist of what we had.
I had beef ravioli, which isn’t pasta but seared carpaccio of beef tenderloin. This was filled with a salsa of seared mushrooms, onions, and roasted artichokes, sitting on a black olive crouton and then lightly drizzled with roasted pumpkin seed oil and fresh tomato essence. Of course, I’ve now described it virtually in its entirety, but you can’t really leave anything out.

The presentation was faultless and, if anything, very awe inspiring. The beef melted in the mouth, and the filling every bit as delectable as it was described on the menu. I was beginning to get very happy indeed.

My friend Renate raved over her oven baked Bermuda Fish cake with a light citrus curry sauce and a timbale of fresh fruit chutney. It was very light and not being fried you felt as though it wasn’t quite as evil as it could have been (I have been gazpacho-ing it up for the previous few days!)

Colin had the Fava Bean Soup, which was served with a julienne of duck and roasted peppers. Subtle, delicious and very satisfying was the verdict on that one.

I was bowled over by my next course which was baked rack of lamb, with a thyme flavored vegetable stuffing on an onion rosti. Once again the meat was of the highest quality and I was happy to see that instead of the paltry three cutlets – which is the norm to serve ­ I think I had at least five.

By this stage, I was beginning to feel a bit like a stuffed vegetable myself. However, I had to have a little taste of the others just so I would know who had been the wisest selector. It was a toss up between mine and Renates. She had chosen roasted tenderloin of beef This had a lovely black olive crust, and was served on a bed of sautéed onions’ and char grilled eggplant with a thyme, balsamic cream sauce – utterly scrumptious.

Colin was feeling a bit guilty that night, due to rather a severe case of waist expansion and had opted for a salad. He may as well have indulged himself wholeheartedly for what was to follow was about a year’s supply of calories for all of us. Angelo appeared with an enormous platter which boasted a tasting of every dessert on the menu.

“WOW!” was the only word to come to mind. What a spectacular sight this was. There was everything from Chocolate Truffle torte to a walnut meringue filled with a warm berry compote topped with a chestnut meringue filled with a warm berry compote topped with a chestnut Chantilly and an orange vanilla sauce.

It wasn’t until after the dessert that “party time” got under way. By this time it was about 10.45. I had just invited a rather lonely looking woman who was eating on her own to join our table.
She’d been scrib­bling away during her meal, and I thought that she must be a writer of some sort. It turned out that she was a travel writer for a large Canadian magazine.
So she brought her bottle of wine over and settled in very nicely. At that point, Gary arrived (he’d come in .on the late American flight) joined by a pal of his who had been on the same flight.

Angelo thought it might be more conducive for our little party to retire to the garden. We asked the only remaining couple still dining if they would like to join us and they jumped at it like a shot. So party we did – it was Anita the travel writer’s last night, and she said that this was the crowning glory to her stay in Bermuda (aided I would think just slightly by the Merlot that she was consuming!)

The staff at Ascot’s couldn’t have been more charming and accommodating, even though we didn’t leave there until gone 1 o ‘clock. There has to be a special mention for Lejla, the waitress, who can only be described as a real asset to Ascot’s, who has a great sense of fun and professionalism. Need I say more about Edmund Smith the chef /patron? I don’t think so, just go and see for yourselves if you haven’t done so – you’ll be raving too, I know.

I wasn’t the designated driver (l never seem to be; I wonder why?) and we retired to our various abodes, me having had a complete attitude adjustment thanks to Ascots. I retired to bed on a much happier note than I had upon awakening!


Angelo & Staff,

Many thanks for a fabulous evening. We had a wonderful dining, good food, nice wine and great atmosphere. The new look is amazing.
Again Thanks


To the wonderful staff at Ascots,

Thanks so much for such a beautiful evening. The reception and the atmosphere were great, The food was superb and the service was first class.



I just wanted to write to say “thank you very much” for the exceptional treatment we received at your restaurant on June 16th.

My wife and I were celebrating our anniversary with some dear friends and you made the evening a memorable one. And the huge tray of desserts put us over the top!

Thank you again – we are looking forward to dining with you again when we return to Bermuda next year.


Dear Angelo,

I could not let the month pass by without thanking you and your staff for a simply exquisite evening spent at Ascots celebrating my mother’s 70th birthday.

The food was sumptuous, the ambiance perfect and the service was first class. Whole heartedly it was an enormously successful night enjoyed by all.

My mother said that she was “In Heaven”.

Thank you so much, Angelo for your wonderful service and attention to detail.


Dear Sir,

My husband and I enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Ascots on February 11th.

The meal was delicious, service was impeccable. The quite elegance of the décor only added to a truly wonderful experience.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for everything.


Dear Mr. Armano,

I wish to congratulate you and your staff for a wonderful evening.
My husband and I dine frequently in Manhattan, N.Y.

The food in N.Y.C. is always at the fine dining establishments excellent, but the service is always lacking.

Your establishment not only has gourmet cuisine but the staff made us feels as though we were part of the Royal Family.

We stopped at lunch to glance at your menu for the evening. We were greeted by Dani and Anil who made us feel so comfortable while looking over the menu that we looked forward to coming back that evening.

We started our evening with the Foie Gras and the Lobster Terrine special; they were incredible.

As the evening went on we met Jessie, Arnold, and Trecelle who did their duties quietly but made us feel special all the same.

You must provide the all with a happy work environment to make all feel this welcome. We frequent Bermuda often and this was our first dining experience at Ascots and not our last.

Thanks again to everyone who made our night so exceptional.

Look forward to meeting you on our next visit. Be sure when you do have a night off your staff is doing the right thing.

Service and food were fabulous.


On behalf of Party Planners West, Inc. and NBC, we would like to say thank you for helping to create a true Island dining experience for our guests.
Everyone was raving about the great atmosphere and outstanding food.

We appreciate everything you and your staff did to accommodate our guests and look forward to dining at your
restaurant in the future.


I’ve arrived back in sunny England with a bump! No more pool, hot sun, smiley waiters and gorgeous food.
Where’s my drink?
Missing it but it had to end at
some point.

Finding it very hard to get back into proper work as my life isn’t always as easy as it was in Bermuda. Thank you very much for making me feel welcome and laugh lots, even if I do owe a
few hangovers to my ‘dark and stormies’ from the Ascots bar!

Hope things are good with you. Say hi to the others for me. You never know, I may have to return one day!!


I am still talking about how fabulous the dessert was and how kind you were to me and my husband. It’s the little things that make people feel special and you made our anniversary trip very special. I will make sure to tell my friends to visit your restaurant when in Bermuda and we look forward to our next trip to Ascots.
Thank you again for going out of your way!!!!


I’ve been meaning to call you since our lovely dinner at Ascots last Friday.

Thank you so much for treating us in such a special way.

I also wanted to apologize for all the extra work the kitchen ended up doing because of our dinner guest’s dietary ”weaknesses”. He told us he was vegetarian but I had no idea that he was so particular as well.

No garlic, no onions, no cheese, no eggs. Wow. Why bother eating? The kitchen did a fabulous job despite the limitations and challenges. And our guest was very impressed. If you could extend our gratitude to the gentlemen in the kitchen I would be grateful.


Yesterday I joined a group from the Claims Department Christmas Luncheon. You should know that the food was incredible! The service was impeccable and the atmosphere very festive. Everything was perfect!

My husband and I chose Ascots as the venue for our wedding reception eight years ago. We return a couple of times each year to enjoy a quiet evening out… and it is so comforting to see that the quality and standards never waver at your restaurant. There aren’t many other places in Bermuda that can guarantee that!

It’s always a pleasure dining with you. You do it right!


Thank you very much for another wonderful dinner which my superior. We enjoyed the evening. The staff was especially friendly, respectful and professional. The decor in the Restaurant is very tastefully done as well.

I know I have said this before in a previous letter, but I have to reiterate that the special service you and your staff provide is always above and beyond the call of duty on every occasion. We will continue to give Ascots Restaurant our very best recommendations to all our local and overseas guests.


Dear Angelo,

We wanted to say thank you for helping to make our engagement dinner so wonderful. We were married January 4th here in Bermuda. And we certainly are looking forward to celebrating our next special occasion with you and your wonderful staff. Thanks for being such a special part of our lives!


Dear Mr. Armano,

The members of the Bermuda Association would like to thank you for your support and kindness during our celebration week. We truly appreciate the generosity shown by you and your staff. The venue was perfect as was the entire evening.

It was quite a pleasure to have met you. Your friendliness, charm, and professionalism were very impressive. Thank you and your staff, the exceptional Quality of service, and the ambiance, the evening was a great success.
Again, many thanks, Angelo!


Dear Angelo and Staff,

In the beginning, man needed to secure food to survive. As time evolved so did man’s talents to secure and prepare foods. Today Ascots truly represents a restaurant that secures the freshest, prepares and presents the most delectable culinary cuisine and provides a warm and gracious approach to service.

Each time we dine with you we look forward to being catered to, yes even spoiled, and you always succeed.
Each time we leave we talk about our next visit.

“Thank you” to you and all your staff for the most gracious treatment and beautifully.. presented and tasty foods you provided to us on our two most recent dining experiences. The appetizers served when we dined were “awesome”, and the complemented desserts when we dined with Ted and Doris most appreciated. We shall look forward to dining again at the Ascots during our Christmas holiday stay.

May you continue to deliver the excellent service, delectable cuisine and personal attention that assures dining at the Ascots a memorable experience. Until we return we wish you and your staff well and much continued success.


“The Ascots Restaurant Team would like to thank all our guest for their comments”

Edmund Smith  & Angelo Armano